Tire Cleaning Tips for the Spring

When you wash your vehicle, you do so to keep everything looking clean and to keep your vehicle protected. The same process goes for your tires as well. If you routinely clean your tires, this can help keep your vehicle looking pristine but it will also lengthen the lifespan of your tires. Let's take a look at some other tire cleaning tips:

  • When you wash your tires, you can dilute some dish soap and wash them that way. Investing in some products that are specifically designed for your brand of tires is a better option. There will be ingredients in this soap that will help clean your tires but also protect them.
  • Make sure you completely dry your tires after you clean them but before you put any other products on them. Wet tires could affect the final look of the tires.

Stop by our Volkswagen service facility in Erie, PA if you need any recommendations on products you should be using for your tires.

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