Headlights Get Worse Over Time: Here's How to Fix Them

As the worldwide market for vehicles is jam-packed with all sorts of makes, years, and models, it’s difficult to keep up with the many types of four-wheeled modern miracles out there. Even though technology, as we know it, keeps getting increasingly advanced, manufacturers of automobiles are systemically failing to add quality headlights into vehicles – big, small, and in-between. What can you do about this, and how bad is the problem? Let’s see.

Over 2,500 people per year have died in recent years, and as headlights have been declining in performance, it has resulted in people getting hurt by running vehicles. Fixing headlight quality could help qualm at least a portion of these traumatic events. HID bulbs are a great start. Clean out the lenses, on both the inside and outside of the pane. You should also add a new enclosure, which keeps any light from leaking out.

We hope you reach out to use at New Motors Volkswagen in Erie, PA for replacing your bulbs – we’ll get you fixed up.