Time to Service Your Hoses and Belts

Responsible car owners know the importance of keeping up with routine maintenance and making sure their car is safe for their family. One area that sometimes gets overlooked is the engine belts and hoses. Below are some tips on how to check your car's belts and hoses:

  • Belts - Belts drive various parts of a car’s engine, and over time, can become weak due to chemicals, debris, loss of tension, and fluctuations in temperature. An easy way to remember to check your belts is to have it done each time you change your engine oil. If belts are not properly maintained, they may break and disable your vehicle.
  • Hoses - Hoses are responsible for transporting various fluids to parts of the engine. Belts are made of rubber, and they can become weak due to various factors like absorbing chemicals from the liquids they are carrying. They may develop cracks or leaks, and they may also begin to bulge. Making sure your hoses are in good shape is important to your car operating properly, and a simple visual inspection along with pinching the hoses will let you know if they need to be replaced.

At New Motors Volkswagen, we want to make sure all drivers are safe and their cars are in optimal working order. If you have any questions regarding your engine belts or hoses, come visit our Volkswagen service location and speak with one of our experts.

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