The Safe Volkswagen Beetle

Looking for a car that's smart enough to keep you safe? The 2018 Volkswagen Beetle is engineered with safety and protection in mind. Not only will it protect you during an accident, but it can also prevent further problems afterward.

The body of the car is comprised of a safety cage made from high-strength steel and strategic crumple zones. The crumple zones will absorb shock while the safety cage can deflect it. They both work to keep you protected. After an accident, the car will automatically perform numerous tasks to prevent future issues from occurring. It will shut off the fuel pumps, unlock the doors so that you can get out, and turn on the hazard lights so that you can be seen. All of this happens after the airbags have deployed.

Stop by New Motors Volkswagen today to learn more about the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle. We'll answer all of your safety questions and set you up for a test drive around Erie, PA.

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