Signs Your Exhaust May be Leaking

The emissions that are produced by your vehicle's engine are toxic, and they can cause harm to your health if they are inhaled. Your vehicle's exhaust system makes sure that these toxic fumes are channeled away from the cabin of your vehicle. If your exhaust starts leaking, there are some warning signs to look out for.

If you start to hear hissing and popping noises from the muffler, that is a sign that you might have an exhaust problem. You may also notice some moisture leaking from around the manifold gasket when the system is leaking. When the exhaust is leaking in your vehicle, you may notice that your vehicle is not getting as good gas mileage as it did previously. You may also notice a strange smell when the exhaust is leaking.

If you suspect an exhaust leak in your vehicle, come to the auto service facility here at New Motors Volkswagen in Erie to have the exhaust system thoroughly inspected.

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